New soaptastic goodies…

I am very excited for some new soap goodies. I love getting new molds because that means I have some fun things in mind for them. I have a couple more molds to get so I can make something very special for Valentines day. I think it will be a fun gift to give but we will see what everyone else things after I get it done.

As for today I am unsure what scent to make cranberry or coconut. I am torn between still being in the holiday season scents or the ready for summer and beachy scents. I posted a poll up on the Facebook page so hopefully we get some feedback from that to so I don’t have to choose.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead and lots of crafting fun.

Goodness Life has been so busy….

Oh my goodness life has been so crazy that the soap shelf is empty. I know I know that is unacceptable. So today I am going to make the special order I got for Christmas for 20 bars of soap..awesomeness. I am also going to try to make some coal soap and see how that turns out. I am unsure how well it will work since I have never tried anything quite like I am attempting today but since coal is ugly it seem I really can not mess it up to much.

Soap dough is a no go in my world right now. With the holiday season fast approaching I am working more and more at the regular job and having less time for soap exploration. Therefore I have tabled most things until the new year just because I don’t want to get to overwhelmed and crash. I don’t know about you but if I take on to much and get overwhelmed it tents to end badly and this lesson took me years to learn, so now I try to keep that from happening. So what are some products you would like to see from the Teany Cottage next year??


We have made a change to our packaging. It was not by choice but by supply and demand..the store didn’t have the supply I needed but I still have a demand so I got another color of wraps. I think the brown works as well.

The soap shelf is also half empty now and if all goes well I will have a second shelf to fill by the end of the weekend. I will be making the special order of 20 soaps today and then another loaf for the store. I haven’t been able to soap as much as I wanted to the past few weeks, my other job had me working extra hours.

What scents would you like to see next??