New year, New Cottage right?!

Welcome 2019! I am pretty indifferent to see 2018 go, it wasn’t a bad year by no means but is wasn’t a stellar year either. If I had to define it in a word I would say CHANGE was the word or 2018. We had so many things change, some good and some bad. I already have my word for 2019 as well it is BALANCE.

I am going to BALANCE my checkbook with more accuracy than last year. I had a few booboos with that. I am going to BALANCE the soap and nursery of the cottage better with my family and work life. I am going to BALANCE family and work life…see I need lots of BALANCE this year and hope to figure that out.

I can say ending 2018 with the addition for the Teany Cottage Nursery was pretty awesome. I really enjoyed dropping off our first baby. I started painting reborn babies to donate to nursing care facilities and that is the nursery that I am speaking off and the babies are dolls. I speak of them as babies because they look very real and some are even weighted to feel more realistic as well.

So what is your word of the year????

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