We have made a change to our packaging. It was not by choice but by supply and demand..the store didn’t have the supply I needed but I still have a demand so I got another color of wraps. I think the brown works as well.

The soap shelf is also half empty now and if all goes well I will have a second shelf to fill by the end of the weekend. I will be making the special order of 20 soaps today and then another loaf for the store. I haven’t been able to soap as much as I wanted to the past few weeks, my other job had me working extra hours.

What scents would you like to see next??

Soap Dough

I have been wanting to try my hand at soap dough for awhile. I have been researching and learning everything I possibly can. I finally got the gumption to try to make something and here is the results of my first soap dough attempt.

Granted these are not very great but I am happy with them for a first attempt and will only get better as I keep trying. I think I am going to need another recipe for the dough as this one is very sticky and makes it hard to work with. I am still very excited to try again and to use these on a soap very soon.