Hello world!

Hello y’all. I am telling you what I really wish that I would have taken and technology course on all the internet and web page stuff before learning it like I am now. I might look at the local community collage and see if they offer a class that might help me. I really want to share my love of soap making and the whole learning process with everyone because I think that many people are afraid to fail so they don’t start when it comes to a new hobby. I know what I started looking into soap making I was overwhelmed and sure I was going to fail and end up in the hospital to boot. I have had a failure or five along the way. I thankfully have not ended up in the hospital but I am very careful following the safety guidelines when it comes to working with lye.

The most amazing part of the journey so far has been getting to share my creations with others. Therefore the point of this page is to share about techniques I am learning and experimenting with, along with ideas I want to try and soaps on my curing shelf. Therefore you will want to check back often to see what it new and exciting around the cottage. I hope you have a wonderful day.